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Why We Do, What We Do!

Soil Secrets LLC develops products which instigate the natural biochemical process required for healthy soils.   This process is referred to as the ‘Soil Food Web’.   The foundation of the Soil Secrets protocol is based on Mycorrhizal fungi and Humic substances. Products include: Mycorrhizal products ( EndoMaxima & MycoMaxima ), Humic substance products ( TerraPro, Agriculture Grade TerraPro, Earth Magic, Earth Ambrosia and SupraH Complex ), and an organic nitrogen product using vegetable Protein ( Protein Crumblies ).   Soils of urban landscapes, farms and other sites are often deficient or completely lacking in Mycorrhizae and Humic substances.     Individually and combined these products   provide the primary benefits we are after, which includes better nutrition for the plant,   better water management for the landscape or farm and the building of soil (Pedogenesis).    In the past few years, there has been a huge surge and interest in utilizing soil microbiology and soil b