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Huge Water Savings On Baja Grapes June 2015

Grape production on TerraPro treated vines. Now watering every three weeks instead of every 4 days before treated.   Non treated control row production on same 3 week water schedule.  TerraPro Treated typical row on San Vicente Ranch.  Regards John Miller California Soil Secrets Distributor Spec International (520) 825-3717 or  520 240-1841 email

Organic Cotton in Big Lake Texas, treated with TerraPro

Here's another Proof of Concept of how Humic Acids that are bio-identical supramolecular can actually improve the soils ability to manage water to the crops advantage.   This works equally well in urban landscaping as it’s the supramolecular chemistry of these carbon rich high thermal energy molecules that actually make a soils ecology functional and habitable. These molecules have many Mechanisms of Action, including functioning as chemical shuttles and participating as Oxygen electron donor and acceptor systems helping with microbial respiration in the soil.    Organic Cotton in Big Lake Texas, treated with TerraPro:  On the left in the photo below is the part of the field treated with 450 pounds of TerraPro per acre.   Treatment was done after the cotton germinated and was a few inches high.  The granular TerraPro was surface broadcast and not incorporated into the soil, as the site has buried drip irrigation.  The right hand side of the field was not treate