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Soil Secrets Formulates Humus Soil Conditioners

Soil Secrets formulates Humus Soil Conditioners for the Home Owner and Farmer, as well as for the Engineering and Construction industries that deal with mine reclamation, erosion control, and vegetation management. Humus has amazing properties that make it able to build soils whether the starting material is Sand or Clay. Humus added to sandy soils can increase water and nutrient retention. Humus added to clay soils can help increase drainage by aggregating clay particles. Commercial Grade TerraPro® (Earth Magic®) is a unique concentrated humus product that contains a broad spectrum of beneficial soil microorganisms and soil enzymes along with a high percentage of Humic Acids (Humus).  This product is used by Home Owners and Farmers to build productive soils.   The objective of this product is to fortify the soil with the best humic acid product possible at the highest concentration possible. Follow the link below to learn more about Commercial Grade TerraPro® (E

Humus Based Soil Conditioner Available from Soil Secrets

Agriculture Grade TerraPro® is a Humus Based Soil Conditioner formulated by Soil Secrets. Humus is decay resistant recalcitrant carbon compounds of soil that help to give soil its life and structure. Humus can help soils retain water and nutrients and improves soil structure. Agriculture Grade TerraPro® is made for agriculture and other large industrial uses. The active ingredient of this product is the high concentration of (Humus) Humic Acids that can function as a powerful biologic chemical of the soil, involved with hundreds if not thousands of bio-geo-chemical processes. Click on the Link below to view our Agriculture Grade TerraPro® 0.6 ft 3 bag label. Agriculture Grade TerraPro Label The objective of Agriculture Grade TerraPro® is to make it economically feasible to fortify the soil with humic acids that work. Please visit our website at:  for more information about Agriculture Grade TerraPro® and Humus.

Humus or Humic Substances

Humic Substances  -  Humic Substances are complex Carbon compounds found in soil. They sometime, but not always, contain active fractions call Humic, Humin and Fulvic. The common term for Humic Substances is Humus, often confused with compost, mushroom compost and peat moss.  Humates are often sold as a source of Humic Substances and Humic Acids.  Humates are an ore, more properly called Oxidized Lignite. Lignite is coal, oxidized means it is not useful in a power plant.  H owever, Humates are not able to associate with water.   Soil Secrets with the technical assistance of the National Labs has performed the only molecular analysis and characterization study of Humic Acids, which has allowed us the ability to formulate a Humic Acid product that works, because it is capable of associating with water and functioning with Supramolecular capabilities.  To Learn more about Humus please visit the Soil Secrets website by clicking on the link below:

Where Can You Buy Soil Secrets Products?

The Products of Soil Secrets can be purchased from locations across the Nation. Check out our website at: And click on the Where to Buy Soil Secrets Tab… If you would like purchase Soil Secrets Products online visit the Trees That Please Nursery website at:

'Soil Secrets Humic Product Fixes Farm Soil Salt Problem'

Great news on some test results that just came in from Marana Arizona where a huge cotton grow-out experiment was conducted this year using Soil Secrets granular  Ag Grade TerraPro Humic product.  I'm going to share with you the part of the test that was conducted on parts of the farm that were having problems with sodium and salt accumulation and yield had been dropping off.  Protocol: 1. 70 acres of the farm that were impacted by high salt and soil dispersion were treated with 500 pounds of  Ag Grade TerraPro . 2. Total input cost for the 70 acres = $8000 ($114.28 per acre) Results: 1. Total revenue increase for the 70 acres that were formerly the lowest production areas of the farm  = $28,000  2. Net profit for the 70 acres was $20,000 or $285.71 per acre. 3. The 70 acre plot that was always the lowest production area of the whole farm was able to out produce beat all three surrounding fields, producing one extra bale per acre. Click on the following lin

To Till or Not To Till, that is the question? Part 2:

Another benefit, but not the only benefit of the mycorrhizal fungi No Till relationship is that of 'Humic Recalcitrant Carbon Molecule'  production in the soil.  That's the stuff that's black in color and which gives a top soil its characteristic darker color.  It's also the stuff that by bad habit the entire industry generically calls humic acids .   The term humic acid (or acids) does not describe specific molecular structures and the term does not follow the rules of chemistry nomenclature.  However since our State Regulatory offices use this old fashion term and have very vague methods of measuring the stuff, we are stuck with using the term for now.    When Nature builds these amazing carbon molecules, or you supplement them by adding soil conditioners such as TerraPro by Soil Secrets, the molecules involved play a huge role in building macro-aggregate structure.  This is caused by the polarity value of the molecules causing a 'mechanism of action' (

To Till or Not To Till, that is the question? Part 1:

The concept of no-till is to favor the proliferation of mycorrhizal fungal roots on the roots of the crop.  The mycorrhizae produce a vast network of fungus roots called hyphae that are microscopic, however they are of critical importance in holding the soil structure together in what we call macro-aggregate structure.   They are also responsible for many other benefits to the host plant, but for now let’s stick to the soil structure benefit.  The slide below shows this soil fungal hyphae relationship.  When we plow or till soil we clobber this relationship, making it difficult for mycorrhizal fungi to perpetuate in an agricultural setting for very long, resulting in most agriculture crops not being mycorrhizal.  This includes organic farms as well!  Beyond the physical characteristic of the fungal hyphae gluing the soil macro-aggregate structure together, the hyphae also contain huge amounts of Nitrogen, which potentially is the single largest contributor of that elemen

We Need Your Support at the Valencia County Commissioners Meeting Tonight!!

Please Attend the Valencia County Commisioner's Meeting today October 9th, at 5:00 pm to show your support for Local businesses along Highway 47 near Tome Hill in Central New Mexico! Attached is a notice of a public meeting concerning zoning changes along Highway 47 that will likely compromise the ability of local businesses including either the Trees That Please Nursery or Soil Secrets as a potential business site for a future owner.  The Valencia county zoning and planning office and planner have not been able to tell us if this zoning overlay plan will benefit local businesses or even if it could potentially damage them.  Valencia County Commissioners Meeting 10/9/13   We need to have as many citizens at this meeting as possible who are sick and tired of our government trying to control our lives and our private property rights.  Please Plan on Attending! Valencia County Board of Commissioners Meeting today October 9, at 5:00 PM. Meeting will be held at the Va

Arboretum Tome Open House is September 28th!

The Arboretum Tome will be hosting an open house on September 28 th from 11am - 4 pm. We are working in association with the Tome Art Gallery’s Garden Party and Tour showcasing Highway 47 Garden related businesses. For more information visit the Tome Art Gallery website at or click on the following link: The Arboretum Tomé is a collection of trees endemic to the desert Southwest. The collection includes a huge collection of Oak trees, the genus Quercus, along with Redwoods, Giant Timber Bamboo, and Maples, including a Western native sugar maple called the Big Tooth Maple, Acer grandidentatum.  The Arboretum also contains the production nursery for Trees That Please Nursery and is the proving ground for Soil Secrets products. All plants on the Arboretum grounds and Trees That Please Nursery are fed exclusively using the products and protocols developed by Soil Secrets. The photo below shows transplanted Redwood seedlings inoculated with Earth Magi

Wheat Grown with Mycorrhizae Resists Lodging

The following 4 images were taken on May 3, 2013 at the experimental farm of Barkley Seed in Yuma, AZ. The trials were conducted by Barkley Seed. While they illustrate a physical improvement, crop yield is yet to be determined. This lack of lodging (falling down) may be due to the EndoMaxima Mycorrhizal inoculation. Mycorrhizae are known to improve the uptake of Calcium, Silica, Boron, and Phosphorus. All of which can be associated with improved physical structure of plants. Wheat Seed Treated with EndoMaxima: Mycorrhizal Inoculant EndoMaxima Applied Directly to Wheat Seed. Upright Structure, or Lack of Lodging, is Due to Improved Root System and Stem Strength. Untreated Seed Shows Increased Lodging (laying down). Untreated Seed is Lodging, Due to Poor Root System and Weakened Stems

Spring Fling 2013

Humic Acids and Root Development

Mycorrhizal Grow Out Trials