Sunday, December 29, 2013

Humus Based Soil Conditioner Available from Soil Secrets

Agriculture Grade TerraPro® is a Humus Based Soil Conditioner formulated by Soil Secrets. Humus is decay resistant recalcitrant carbon compounds of soil that help to give soil its life and structure. Humus can help soils retain water and nutrients and improves soil structure.

Agriculture Grade TerraPro® is made for agriculture and other large industrial uses. The active ingredient of this product is the high concentration of (Humus) Humic Acids that can function as a powerful biologic chemical of the soil, involved with hundreds if not thousands of bio-geo-chemical processes.
Click on the Link below to view our Agriculture Grade TerraPro® 0.6 ft3 bag label.

The objective of Agriculture Grade TerraPro® is to make it economically feasible to fortify the soil with humic acids that work.

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