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Michael Martin MelĂ©ndrez  added  4 new photos . These photos and comment came from John Miller, a Soil Secrets Distributor working on a project in Baja Mexico wine production using SS products. "Here are th e latest photos from Mexico. Luis, the farm Manager is very happy and totally amazed at what TerraPro has done for his production. Vines are averaging 8 Kg production per plant and they have 3,333 plants per hectare. Here it is, the middle of August when his vines would show water stress with dry curling leaves from lack of water uptake due to high salts and poor soil structure for moisture retention. He has had nothing but hot sunny days for the last three weeks and the vines are very healthy with a larger crop then normal for a vine that has started it's fourth year of growth." TerraPro is the only bio-identical humic molecular product in the soil ecology industry. Humic molecules that are truly supramolecular can repair and enhance any soil,
There are a few retail nurseries around the country that believe in and promote soil health and Soil Secrets is the industry leader in that venue. My Trees That Please Nursery in Los Lunas is the only Albuquerque market retail nursery that promotes and uses Soil Secrets and we sell a lot of it. Soil Secrets is not only successful on home gardens in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, on farms in Deming and the Mesilla Valley, orchards in California and vineyards in Baja Mexico, its also used on the campus of Texas Tech and lawns in Kansas City Kansas as seen here in before and after photos.