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Effect of Mycorrhizal Fungi On Seed Germination

The following is a study performed by Avery Diercks, son of our General Manager Anna Forester, where he performed an inoculation study using Mycorrhizal fungi.  Here's some information derived from his study.    The first image below shows the site where native soil was collected near Santa Fe, New Mexico during a good monsoon season with abundant native grass production.    The next two photos show seed germination, both samples had the soil sterilized to try and eliminate any indigenous mycorrhizal fungi present in the collected samples.    The photo below shows germination of seed that was inoculated with EndoMaxima prior to sowing in the sterilized soil.   The next photo below shows germination of seed that was not inoculated with EndoMaxima                                                         prior to sowing in the sterilized soil.   The two images show germination after 3 days, with the EndoMaxima inoculated seed showing a clear adv

TerraPro Treated Vineyards In Baja, Mexico

The attached video was taken in Baja, Mexico in a wine-growing region on October 6 of 2014.   It shows, in the distance, on the left side of the road, a field of wine grapes treated with the TerraPro product of Soil Secrets. To the right of the treated field and across the road is a field not treated. The TerraPro treated field on the left in the photo below clearly shows a healthier greener color, compared to the untreated field to the right side of the road. The grapes produced also reflected the same benefit of using TerraPro. The other mode of action that was seen on the treated field versus the untreated field was the penetration of the irrigation water being applied by drip. The water was more easily penetrating into the soil creating a larger wet spot versus the untreated field where the water was puddling on the surface and not so easily percolating. This explains why the farmer was able to stretch the irrigation frequency from every fourth day to every 12