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Is California Sucking the Almond Industry Dry?

The following article is about Almond Production in California  and the amount of water needed.  This article is very timely as Soil Secrets Soil Ecology products are being used by California's Almond producers proving to help with the water problem while also helping to produce good crops using less water. Is California Sucking the Almond Industry Dry? By  Jade Scipioni Published July 09, 2015 FOXBusiness Facebook 45   Twitter 17   livefyre 26   Email   Print  (AP Photo/Russel A. Daniels, File) If you don’t live in California, the serious drought—which is now in its fourth painstaking year—may not affect your everyday life. But you are probably eating their almonds. The state produces 80% of the world’s almonds and the industry has been taking the brunt of the water shortage ever since. “Blame game doesn’t help. Yes, it takes about one gallon of water to produce one almond. And, it also takes 1.4 gallons of water to produce two olives. A