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What is Soil Secrets All About?

What is Soil Secrets? A company that provides materials that will instigate,  improve and support a healthy soil ecology.    Learn more about Soil Secrets By visiting our Website at:

TerraPro Treated Vineyard in Baja, Mexico Vineyard Reduces Water Usage

Control vines on the left, TerraPro treated vines on the right.  Water savings on treated vines is the farmer was able to reduce irrigation frequency to every 12 days compared to every 4 days on control vines. Site is in Baja Mexico. Michael Martin Meléndrez Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC 505 550-3246

Soil Health Video - the Arboretum Tomé Open House 2014

Follow us on the Journey to Better Soil Health!  Enjoy this video filmed during our Annual Arboretum Tomé Open House this year in Los Lunas, NM. Listen to invited speakers  Rudy Garcia and Clarence Chavez from the USDA NRCS office. The Arboretum Tomé in Los Lunas, New Mexico shows that growing healthy trees and plants is possible with the help of soil experts. Understanding the type of soil you have, and how to work to improve it, is the subject of the talks by two of New Mexico's soil experts. An important video to watch if you want to understand soil and how to heal or fix it, so you can grow healthy trees, plants, flowers, and healthy vegetables in your garden. Watch the video by clicking on the following link: Soil Health Video - The Arboretum Tome Open House 2014 We hope you enjoy this video! Michael Martin Meléndrez Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC 505 550-3246