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Wheat Grown with Mycorrhizae Resists Lodging

The following 4 images were taken on May 3, 2013 at the experimental farm of Barkley Seed in Yuma, AZ. The trials were conducted by Barkley Seed. While they illustrate a physical improvement, crop yield is yet to be determined. This lack of lodging (falling down) may be due to the EndoMaxima Mycorrhizal inoculation. Mycorrhizae are known to improve the uptake of Calcium, Silica, Boron, and Phosphorus. All of which can be associated with improved physical structure of plants. Wheat Seed Treated with EndoMaxima: Mycorrhizal Inoculant EndoMaxima Applied Directly to Wheat Seed. Upright Structure, or Lack of Lodging, is Due to Improved Root System and Stem Strength. Untreated Seed Shows Increased Lodging (laying down). Untreated Seed is Lodging, Due to Poor Root System and Weakened Stems

Spring Fling 2013