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Saline and Sodic Soil: Using Mycorrhizal Fungus & Supramolecular Humic Acid

From the desk of Michael Martin MelĂ©ndrez - Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC: Much attention and concern has been recently paid to the increasing problem of salinity in soils, particularly soils found in arid and semiarid lands that are being irrigated. Where frequent irrigation is necessary, a residue of salts is left behind from the evaporation of water, gradually but imminently concentrating the salts until the soil can no longer support production. Plant roots generally do not absorb all the salts, so the proportion in the soil of salts gradually increases to a point of toxicity. The problem can be made worse by the use of animal manure based soil amendments in the form of raw manure or compost and from acid based fertilizers. The retention of salt in the root zone can cause negative ‘Fluid Dynamics of Plants’ inhibiting the movement of water and nutrition into the plant. Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink! Soil compaction and the dispersion of soil particles can