Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Soil Secrets Humic Product Fixes Farm Soil Salt Problem'

Great news on some test results that just came in from Marana Arizona where a huge cotton grow-out experiment was conducted this year using Soil Secrets granular Ag Grade TerraPro Humic product.  I'm going to share with you the part of the test that was conducted on parts of the farm that were having problems with sodium and salt accumulation and yield had been dropping off. 

1. 70 acres of the farm that were impacted by high salt and soil dispersion were treated with 500 pounds of Ag Grade TerraPro.
2. Total input cost for the 70 acres = $8000 ($114.28 per acre)

1. Total revenue increase for the 70 acres that were formerly the lowest production areas of the farm  = $28,000 
2. Net profit for the 70 acres was $20,000 or $285.71 per acre.
3. The 70 acre plot that was always the lowest production area of the whole farm was able to out produce beat all three surrounding fields, producing one extra bale per acre.

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Michael Martin Meléndrez
Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC