Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Apply Soil Secrets Humus Products to Sandy Soil

Sandy soil has large particle size, as compared to clay soil, with large air spaces between them. Therefore, it tends to drain and dry out quickly. In addition, water-soluble nutrients leach out rapidly before the plants can use them, carried away with water.

When amending sandy soils, one goal is to increase the sand’s ability to hold moisture and retain nutrients. Humus incorporated into sandy soil acts like a sponge, holding water and the nutrients dissolved in it. This retained water and nutrients are available for plant growth.

Humus consists of decay resistant recalcitrant carbon compounds that help to give soil its life and structure. Humus added to your soil can last for centuries unlike compost and fertilizers which are rapidly used up by soil microorganisms and plants. Compost and fertilizers only have a short duration in the soil perhaps weeks or months. On the other hand, added humus can have long lasting benefits, for example, increased water and nutrient retention when applied to sandy soils.

Increase the humus content of sandy soil at every opportunity. For gardens and landscapes, add humus yearly, several months ahead of the planting season or during the season for established plants and lawns. After planting a tree or shrub apply Humus in the form of  Commercial Grade TerraPro® (Earth Magic®) to the soil surface, cover with mulch, and water thoroughly.

This will allow the soil to stabilize and be colonized by beneficial microorganisms like Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae needed by 95% of all plant life.

Soil Secrets formulates Commercial Grade TerraPro® (Earth Magic®) and Agriculture Grade TerraPro® Humus Soil Conditioners for the Home Owner and Farmer, as well as for the Engineering and Construction industries that deal with mine reclamation, erosion control, and vegetation management.

The objectives of these products are to fortify the soil with humic acids.

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Photos and Narrative by:
Steve Sain
Staff Plant Physiologist